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Fix propel-gen error: Error reading project file build-propel.xml

I had just installed propel-gen and phing with the pear method onto a new system. But after running the propel-gen I only get this error:

$ propel-gen $PWD
Buildfile: /usr/lib/php/data/propel_generator/pear-build.xml
[resolvepath] Resolved /devel/build/propel

propel-project-builder > projdircheckExists:

propel-project-builder > projdircheck:

propel-project-builder > configure:

 [echo] Loading project-specific props from /devel/build/propel/
 [property] Loading /devel/build/propel/

propel-project-builder > main:

 [phing] Calling Buildfile '/devel/build/propel/build-propel.xml' with target 'main'
 [phing] Error reading project file [wrapped: Unable to open /devel/build/propel/build-propel.xml for reading: ]


Total time: 0.1085 seconds

My Installed software versions:

propel-gen -> 1.4.1
phing      -> 2.4

And exactly this was the problem. It seems that the phing version 2.4 breaks some stuff. Because of this I have installed the old version, and now it works perfect.

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  1. Very Helpfull, Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. you’re a life saver. thanks for this! 😀

  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I nearly got mad about this one… now on to delete all those different php environments with those various path settings i tried during the last hours. Btw, nice URL 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot! U’re the best!

  5. I have the same problem. But now with phing 2.3.3 and propel 1.4.1 I still have the same error. Makes me really mad.
    I’m on os X snow leopard and totally lost.
    When I try to uninstall phing I get a message telling me phing is not installed. When I try to install it the message says there’re conflict files…
    Please help!

  6. Effectively….

    Thank you, very nice !

  7. verry cool, finally sombody with a working tutorial

  8. Thanks mate, saved me hours of investigating, thats for sure!

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