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Froxlor – The New Syscp!

Just a short note for everyone who still deals with syscp as their server managment software:

I think you all with have recognised, that there was long time no update of syscp.
If you have followed the development commits, or the forum you will have noticed the main reason: The most active developers has left the project long ago, and now the leader is totally alone.
Ok that was the bad news.

The good news  is, that many of the former developers has now build a fork named froxlor.
They already has published some bugfix releases and currently they are working on a clean rewrite with a good framework. So lets see what the future will bring. But I am already preparing my host to be migrated to froxlor!

The migration from syscp to froxlor is very easy and painless. They even support migration from the svn version of syscp. Bugs are getting fixed very soon.

So have a look on her homepage

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